This Old House

Over the last week, myself and Nicola have been finalising the purchase of our new family home. On Friday, after a lot of last-minute hassle, we finally got the keys.

It was wierd, finally getting into the house – we’d originally agreed to buy it at the start of March.

The house itself is a nice two bedroom semi-detached in a quiet street. There’s a fairly big garden out the back for Euan to run around in, and another garden out front. Insode, there’s the aforementioned bedrooms, bathroom, reasonable sized living room and a quite large kitchen. The kitchen and bathroom are already decorated well enough and to our tastes that we don’t need to decorate them.

Everything else though, had to go. Yesterday we spent most of the day ripping out old furnishings (shelves, wardrobes, etc), pulling up some of the carpets and clearing out all the cupboards and the loft. In the end, we filled every nook and cranny of a large Transit van with junk and took it to the council skip. It was quite a cathartic process!

None of it was as much work as picking colours for the rooms. Dear me, what a task that was – we’ve still not settled on the scheme for the master bedroom.

Next task is to prepare for painting – sanding, filling, sanding, etc. That’ll be what I spend the rest of today doing.

It’s going to take a couple of weeks to get things fixed up to move in, but t should be good fun.

Anyway, must dash. I’ve got a date with a sander and some door frames…

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