The iPodification of our Household

My fiancee, Nicola, is not a techie person. Not in the slightest. She only recently learned how to send an e-mail, after I introduced her to GMail (testimony to how good the interface is!). Nicola doesn’t particularly like, or want to know about computers or the latest gadgets. A waste of money in her mind, and a waste of time.

She even managed to resist the charms of my iPod for several months. Only recently, when bored, did she pick it up to look at and listen to.

My technophobe partner was hooked on the supreme techno-gadget.

That was about 3 weeks ago. In that time, she has used my iPod more than I have. My bus journeys into work have become a whole lot duller. I suggested that I could buy her an iPod of her own, but she wasn’t interested. A waste of money she said. She’d never use it. I had to laugh.

Last night though, something curious happened. We were Christmas shopping in our local John Lewis store and I wandered over to the Apple section while Nicola looked at decorations. After a few minutes of gazing at the new G5 iMac they have on display, Nicola came over to pry me (and my credit card) away from temptation. We were about to leave, when suddenly, her eyes lit up and she went over to look at the display cabinet. She had caught sight of the iPod Mini’s.

By the time we had gotten home, we had already discussed speaker systems and car kits for iPods. How we could replace the (very) large stereo we have with a small system that an iPod could dock into.

My technophobe fiancee now wants the gadget…

Unbeknown to her, Nicola’s iPod Mini is already on its way from the Apple Online Store. A green one. My plan is to take delivery in secret, and then spend the weekends between now and Christmas preloading it with all her CDs (Nicola has an extensive 50’s/60’s Rock’n’Roll collection), while she is at work. I’ve also ordered a set of speakers and a car adaptor (unfortunately, the car adaptor won’t be the iTrip, which is illegal here in the UK). Our house will soon be iPodified. They’ll go lovely with the Media Center PC I have planned for some time in the New Year!

It’s funny how things work out. I wonder if letting her try a PowerBook would have a similar result…!

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