To Update or Fresh Install?

It’s official: Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) will ship April 29th. As if you didn’t know already! My pre-order is already in. With it comes an interesting dilemma for a reasonably new Mac user – to upgrade my existing version of OSX, or wipe the disk and install a fresh new version?

Coming from a Windows background, where upgrading between versions is a royal pain in the ass, my natural instinct is to backup/reformat/install.

I don’t have that much data on my iBook. Certainly nothing that can’t be backed off to a portable disk. So a fresh install isn’t going to be that much of a pain, I don’t think. But will it be worth it?

Is upgrading between versions of OSX as bad as Windows upgrades? Or are they like everything Apple – super easy and pretty efficient? Is there likely to be any performance difference between a fresh install and an upgrade on top of a default Panther install?

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