My Top 5 Star Wars Battles (So Far)

Back to the Star Wars theme for this week. To provoke some debate, I’m presentingmy top 5 battles in the Star Wars films (episode 3 excluded). No doubt you’ll each have your own favourites, so share them in the comments!

#1 – The Battle of Hoth

By far the best battle of the series, for me, is the battle of Hoth. It had it all – the massive AT-AT’s, snow speeders, the chicken-walkin’ AT-ST’s, the daring escape by the Rebels…

#2 – Luke Vs Vader, Round 2

It was the climax of Return of the Jedi and the best lightsaber duel of the Trilogy. Not only that, but the story telling is great. You really believe that Luke is fighting to save his father, not kill him.

#3 – Luke Vs Vader, Round 1

While I don’t find this duel as visually impressive as the one in ROTJ, it’s still pretty cool. Besides, it had those immortal words “I am your father”.

#4 – Qui Gon Jin & Obi Wan Kenobi Vs Darth Maul

When I first watched this fight on screen, I really geeked out. It was so fast-paced compared to the duels in the original Trilogy, and Maul was pretty bad-ass. There was also the whole double-ended lightsaber thing. Oh, and Qui Gon dies, setting up the whole “Obi Wan trains Anakin” thing…

#5 – Obi Wan Kenobi Vs Jango Fett

This one might seem a little out of place, and I might get some flack for it… but I can’t help it. Jango was just so cool. We also get to see how a Jedi fights without a lightsaber.

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