Star Wars: The TV Series

Right at the end of my reflection on Star Wars, I mentioned that part of me doesn’t want to see them make the rumoured TV spin-off. Since then I’ve learned that the rumours are true. Hrm.

Watching a documentary on Sky One last night (“Star Wars: Feel the Force”), Lucas talks about the future plans for Star Wars. The first he mentions is a 3D animated series of Clone Wars. That’s cool; though I’m a little unsure about the switch to 3D (the current Clone Wars series is pretty damn cool as it is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!). The second spin-off mentioned was the live action series.

The premise of the series is that it’s going to feature some of the “incidental” characters (as George put it) from the films and will be set between the two trilogies – between episodes 3 and 4. While he was saying this, clips flashed of various characters – the young Boba Fett from Episode 2, one of the bounty hunters from Empire Strike Back, and so on. With this wide range of different characters, I can’t help but think it is going run like early “X Files” episodes – a series of unrelated stories. I can’t think how they could do it any other way. Obviously, this is pure speculation on my part, based on very little real evidence. Even though, learning what I have about the TV series hasn’t exactly allayed my fears that it’s going to stink.

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