Diary of a First-Time Gambler

Maybe it was the torrent of spam, or maybe it was the free Online Gambler magazine that’s been included in a number of my regular monthly reads. Either way, I’ve been sucked into the virtual-seedy world of online gambling. Blackjack, to be precise. What follows is a true account of an innocent man’s decent into the business of chips, hustlers and dealers

Sunday, 12:42pm

Signed on to VC Casino after finding out they offer a 500% sign-on bonus. Account setup was way too easy. Within a few moments I was up and running with £10 of chips. Logged into the “Play for Fun” blackjack rooms to get in some practice without risking any real cash.


My £650 of virtual chips is down to £510… A couple of winning hands, but on the whole, the dealer’s been wiping the floor with me.


Back up to £640 after a good run. Log off to check on the joiner that’s laying the wooden floor in the living room. He’s nearly finished, so I offer him a cool beer (it’s hotter than hell this weekend). In my head I’m trying to work out strategies.


Log back in to the blackjack tables. This time I “play for real”. £1 bets to begin with. A couple of good hands early on give me a false sense of hope. Soon after, I’m down to my last £3.


I’ve blown my initial deposit of chips. A wiser man would have walked away. I’m not feeling particularly wise, so I deposit another £20 (last of the big time gamblers!). I take a break to clear my head. Also look out the latest issue of Online Gambler magazine for its blackjack strategy table.


I’m back, and this time I mean business. Things start badly and I’m soon down to £12, even with the strategy table next to me. Things are looking bleak, but I refuse to concede defeat. Determination pays off and after winning a couple of very risky bets, I’m right back into it, and sitting on £51.


The mother-in-law brings back Euan, so I have to knock it on the head for tonight. Probably just as well, as I’m back down to £35.

Monday, 12:52pm

Lunchtime at work, and just enough time for a couple of hands. I yo-yo between £25 and £39, finishing on £32. Lunchtime’s soon over. Start planning the evenings strategy.


Find out that the missus has organised a barbecue – no gambling tonight, darnit! Deep down, something in me realises that I may be getting obsessed…

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