I’m an iPod Addict

Last Sunday, before I went back to the hospital, I bought a replacement for my ageing 3rd generation iPod. It wasn’t planned as such – I happened to be browsing online and noticed that the iPod line had been “refreshed” to include colour screen across the board. I got the 20GB model. I’d toyed with the idea of picking up a 30GB iPod photo a few months ago, but decided against it for various reasons such as:

  1. was it worth paying a premium for a colour screen on a product that is hidden away in a pocket most of the time?
  2. was there much point to carrying both my music and photo collections on one small device?

After 2 weeks with the new iPod, I’d have to say yes to both of the above (though on the “extra premium” bit it’s worth noting that this iPod was nearly £100 cheaper than my previous).

Being able to look through my family photos while lying in hospital was definitely something that made the stay a lot more bearable. Since coming home, I’ve put the TV slideshow function to use on numerous occasions for friends and family. On the whole, I’ve found I’ve appreciated the photo features a lot more than I thought I would.

My old iPod has now taken up permanent residence in my (also new) Logic3 i-Station speakers/dock system – another fantastic investment for the price.

So what about all this warrants the addict in the title? Well, this new iPod is the third that I’ve bought (fourth if you include Nicola’s 4GB mini). As well as my two 20GB models I own a 1GB Shuffle. just don’t tell the missus about that one!

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