Microsoft Releases a Tonne of Cool Web Tools

I’m excited to announce the release today of several products:

  • NuGet
  • IIS Express 7.5
  • SQL Server Compact Edition 4
  • Web Deploy and Web Farm Framework 2.0
  • Orchard 1.0
  • WebMatrix 1.0

The above products are all free. They build upon the .NET 4 and VS 2010 release, and add a ton of additional value to ASP.NET (both Web Forms and MVC) and the Microsoft Web Server stack.

A whole stack of awesome being released by the Web Platform teams today; an updated (open-source) framework, new community-driven package management tool, a new development web server, a new embeddable database, improved deployment tools, a new (open-source) CMS, and a new development tool.

Microsoft as a whole might get a lot of things wrong, but their Web Platform teams have been on fire these last couple of years.

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