The iPad is Now My Main Computing Device

To some, the headline of this post will seem a bit sensationalistic. I assure you it’s true though. Outside of the Office I spend more time on my iPad than I do my PC or laptop – and the gap is getting bigger.

It all started when I moved out a little over a week ago. Actually, scratch that, it really started when I bought the iPad a couple of months ago. Initially my usage was simply web browsing and email, like most people. Occaisionally I’d import some photos using the camera connection kit. Right now though, the iPad is my main device, and I use it for almost[1] everything.

So what am I doing with the iPad? I’m editing photos using some of the great apps available in the App Store. I’m creating original graphics (admittedly I’m not very good at this, yet!), I’m experimenting with creating music (again, not very good!), and I’m writing.

Dear gawd, yes, am I writing. Unlike to many people I do not have a problem typing fast on the iPad on-screen keyboard. I’m very nearly as fast as on a decent “real” keyboard. The only issue I have is touchscreen typing is quite tiring compared to a normal keyboard. Because I’m writing so much at the moment I decided to pony-up for an Apple Wireless Keyboard (and a matching iPad Dock, though that wasn’t strictly necessary). Combine the keyboard with iA Writer (or recent discovery Elements) and I’m easily writing over a thousand words a night on various different projects. Once I’ve got one or two of them out of the way I may even find enough time to start posting here again regularly 😉

I enhanced my iPad setup with some media apps and accessories. Combined with a set of Bluetooth speakers[2] (the awesome Jambox by Jawbone), I can listen to music without tethered by a set of headphones. I can either play the local content, or use iTunes Home Sharing to utilise the library on my PC. I haven’t tried it yet, but I presume I could play Spotify tracks/playlists over the Jambox too. Video comes from either iTunes, iPlayer, or Air Video.

Now none of this is earth-shattering stuff, and many people will shrug and go “so what?”. But the point for me is this: as a so-called “power user” I am doing most of the tasks I regularly used a full-blown PC or laptop for on iPad. There’s something about that which almost seems insane to me, and even as recently as the start of this year I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me.

[1] OK, apart from doing any .NET/SQL development, which is really about the one thing I care enough about which I can’t do yet. PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are all done through the great Koder app.

[2] I found the Jambox to be around £120 cheaper than the cheapest Airplay speakers I could find, but they work in exactly the same way, just using Bluetooth. The iOS Music app even refers to them as Airplay speakers in the output sources menu.


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