Starting the Year

Screenshot of the Weightbot UI, showing my current weight of 18st 12lb

Ah, it’s the start of a New Year. Outside the street cleaners are sweeping away the mess made celebrating the end of 2011. Inside are millions of people nursing hangovers, celebrating, and making resolutions (usually involving not drinking again!).

I already outlined a few goals I have for 2012, and I’m a firm believer in ‘start as you mean to go on’ and ‘measurable performance’, so I’m laying down markers on a couple of these goals already so progress can be measured.

Weight Loss

Screenshot of the Weightbot UI, showing my current weight of 18st 12lb

For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with my weight. I’m under no illusion I am in an unhealthy place right now. I’m currently 18st 12lb/264lb/120kg. While this is well down from the peak of 22st/308lb/140kg I was in August, I need to keep this going.

Up to now I’ve been managing on my own with scales, healthier eating, more activity (walking, mainly), and Weightbot on my iPhone to keep track of things. I said on Twitter a week or so ago that ‘2012 will be data-driven’, and I plan to apply this to my weight loss goal. To this end I’ve bought a WiThings scale, and ordered a FitBit Ultra (which I’m still waiting on). Both of these sync with online services, and in turn to my iPhone, so I can see clearly where I’m at. In addition, the WiThings syncs with Weightbot and RunKeeper, which the FitBit also syncs with. This will let me track multiple points of information which should hopefully give me a clearer idea of what is working and what isn’t.

One reason for going with the WiThings was because it also measures body fat %. I’m less fussed about what my final weight is, so long as the body fat percentage is down to healthy levels. The weight should come down with the fat %.

Hobby – Miniature Modelling

I wanted a hobby away from the computer; something which didn’t tie in with anything else I’m doing this year; something which I could go into my own little bubble and enjoy. So I’m resuming my old hobby of collecting/modelling/painting miniatures, mainly those produced by Games Workshop in their Warhammer 40,000 range.

My sister got wind of this and bought me a box of models to get me started, and a starter kit of paints, for Christmas. Since then I’ve committed myself to the hobby by buying some more paints, some tools and brushes, and picking one of the model ranges to focus on this year. I’ve tentatively started putting things together, and getting things primed ready for painting. Once I’ve decided on the paint technique I’m going to use I’ll be getting started properly. I’m hoping to not rush these, and just spend as much time as is needed to get things looking the way I want. I’ll put up a gallery of my progress as I go along.

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