Windows 8 Productivity Tips from Scott Hanselman

Keep Calm and Use Your Keyboard, by @robertmclawsScott Hanselman has written an nice guide to productivity on Windows 8, highlighting some great-sounding new features and improvements: Windows 8 productivity: Who moved my cheese? Oh, there it is.. The Underlying message is “just because it’s new/different it doesn’t mean it’s worse.”

A counter-point to that could be Scott is a very smart guy, and a developer. He knows to look for a way to tweak something. I know that users like my parents would never think some of these tips even existed, and wouldn’t know where to look for them. For this type of user the annoyances of a different system never really go away, they just learn to live with it.

I’m on the fence about upgrading my desktop PC to Windows 8. I don’t need to… I rarely have my PC even wired up nowadays, because it’s so big and noisy – it’s only on if I need to work with some .NET code on a personal project. Windows 7 has worked very, very well for me on this PC, so the only real reason to upgrade would be to have the “latest and greatest.”

On a tangent, I can’t wait to finally try Visual Studio 2012. Scott ran through some of the new features when he spoke at ADNUGUK in July, and it looks great.

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