Remove Declined Facebook Events from the iOS 6 Calendar

If you’re using a device with iOS 6, and have enabled Facebook Integration, you may have noticed its annoying habit of displaying events you have said you’re not going to. I don’t know about you, but I like to keep my calendar looking as clean and concise as possible. Any invite I decline gets removed immediately to avoid any confusion.

That Facebook Events would still appear even after I had declined was an annoyance – and I hope, a bug. What exacerbates the issue is there is no way to remove the event from the calendar app manually. The straw that broke the camel’s back, however, was one particular event which instead of repeating every Thursday, showed as running every day for the next few years. Every. Damn. Day.

I needed a solution to this. In the end, I hit on two things which must have sorted it… one of them worked, I’m just not sure which. “Huzzah!” for clear documentation!

1. Remove the Event through the Facebook Website.

Hover over the event in your event list. A blue “X” icon appears in the upper-right corner. Click it.

2. Change your Event Settings to Hide Declined Events.

In the upper-right of the Events page is a small cog icon.

Click it, then click “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

In the dialog box which appears, untick the box to “show declined events”.


  1. Hi, Chris. Thank you for posting this. I experienced the same issue for several months, and it was driving me nuts. Apparently, just removing the event through the Facebook website resolved the issue for me. I did not have to hide declined events.

  2. Why this is not working for me? I did everything just you show, but that annoying event that i declined is still in my calendar… :/

  3. This doesn’t work for me either, and I’ve got a ton of events from end of year clogging up my calendar. I don’t want to hide all Facebook calendars as there are some events I will be attending. Is there a new fix or solution anyone has found?

  4. Thank you so much for this! FYI, I first just hid declined invites, and nothing changed. I then un-hid them and deleted each declined event individually, as you showed, and that’s what did it. Unfortunate, because it means every time you decline an invite, you also have to go to your events page and delete it, rather than a one-time “hide all declined”, but at least it works.

  5. if there are some of you who still have this problem, go to your facebook settings on your iCloud device (where you can control which apps can access your facebook data), turn off calendar, go into the calendar and make sure there are NO facebook events at all, then turn calendar back on and they should be updated as only the ones you want

  6. For all those that say hiding decline events doesn’t work i have to disagree cause that is what I just did and it worked fine. The only thing is the calendar refresh doesn’t happen automatically u have to wait a little bit and maybe even switch around calendar views to make the events disappear. Also I did this on ios 7 just before writing this comment!

  7. Chris and Jeff in the comments, thank you!!!! X-ing the events doesn’t do anything because I have always X-ed events I had no desire in, and they’d still show up on my calendar, grr. It’s definitely the second option combined with Jeff’s suggestion to revoke and then re-allow access (because I did just try that suggestion alone before, and it didn’t work). Yay!

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