A Call to Arms: My Flesh Tearers Army List

For my “A Call to Arms” army I had many many ideas floating around in my head, all of them with at least some merit to them. They would all have been something I could have enjoyed collecting and painting. More often than not, it’s a story from Black Library (or another suitable bit of narrative) which provides the catalyst for an army.

Just before Christmas I went on a bit of a reading splurge, which gave me plenty of inspiration. At one point I was leaning towards a Pre-Heresy Salamanders or Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion army. My heart was never truly in it though. My mind kept coming back to Blood Angels, who were always my “first love” in Warhammer 40000. They were the first army I collected, and I’ve always held an attachment to the Sons of Baal.

I couldn’t commit to Blood Angels, as although they are near and dear to me, I don’t like painting them. This left me at an impasse. In the end, my mind was made for me once I read the excellent Flesh Tearers stories by Andy Smillie. I could have the best of both worlds – Blood Angels-esque iconography with a colour scheme I can work with.

But what type of list would I choose? Personally, I pick my lists with a mix of fluff and fun in mind first, then add in some elements to make it perform OK on the tabletop. A Flesh Tearers army list should hit hard and fast, leaving little more than a brutalized, bloody smear where the enemy used to stand. Shooting is something a Flesh Tearer does only when they’re not close enough to rip out someone’s throat.

So a fast moving, assault-based army list it is then! The list would be weighted towards getting up close to the enemy as quickly as possible, so jump-pack equipped troops were a must. For fire support, some Land Speeders would fit well. Finally, my sister got me a Stormraven Gunship for Christmas so I had to include that too.

After a bit of jigging around, here’s what I’ve come up with:

Flesh Tearers Army List (1550pts)


  • Reclusiarch* – 165pts
    • Jump Pack
    • Hand Flamer


  • 3x Sanguinary Priests** – 245pts
    • Combi-Melta
    • 2x Combi-Flamer
    • Jump Packs


  • 10-Man Assault Squad – 250pts
    • Sergeant – Inferno Pistol + Storm Shield, Melta Bombs
    • 2x Meltagun
  • 10-Man Assault Squad – 230pts
    • Sergeant – Hand Flamer + Storm Shield
    • 2x Flamer
  • 10-Man Assault Squad*** – 230pts
    • Sergeant – Hand Flamer + Storm Shield
    • 2x Flamer

Fast Attack

  • Land Speeder Squadron (2) – 120pts
    • 2x Heavy Flamer
    • 2x Heavy Flamer
  • Land Speeder Squadron (1) – 80pts
    • 2x Multimelta

Heavy Support

  • Stormraven Gunship – 230pts
    • Hurricane Bolter sponsons

* I could happily swap this guy for a Librarian, but I happened to have a Jump Pack Chaplain model unopened which I could reuse. Plus the CC buffs from the Reclusiarch could make the unit he accompanies quite nasty.

** Each of the Priests accompanies one of the Assault Squads, and is armed to match that squad.

** This squad was originally equipped with all melta’s, like the first squad, but I’m leaning towards taking the extra templates, to try force as many saves as possible before charging in to melee. I could be persuaded otherwise, if someone can make a compelling case in the comments! Alternatively, an all-Plasma squad?


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