Where did March go?

It’s been a while since I last updated this site; it wasn’t because of lack of enthusiasm or anything – I was just so busy getting stuck into hobby projects and gaming that I didn’t have any opportunity to sit down at the computer!

So to catch up with where things are:

March was mostly spent gaming, with the purpose of reacquainting myself with the minutia of the 40K rules, and refining my Deathwatch list + tactics for the 1500pt Unbound tournament I played in at the end of the month. Below are a random assortment of photos from different practice games I played. I’ll have a fuller write-up of my experiences playing Deathwatch in the (hopefully near) future.

Getting back into the gaming side of the hobby was fun, but a lot more taxing than I remember. 40K is a marathon now, not a sprint. By the end of the 1-Day tournament I was exhausted – physically and mentally. It was a lot of fun though. I had no pretense of being anywhere near the “top tables” so concentrated on having fun and learning. I lost narrowly in the first game, got crushed in the second (to the eventual winner) and won my final game, playing against another “returnee” player. After paint scores and the like were added in I came in fifth out of sixteen – which I was more than happy with – and came away with a “Best Painted Unit” award for the Veteran Squad with power mauls and storm shields.

2017-03-25 19.36.00_c.jpg

When I wasn’t playing games, I was head down at my painting station. Coming up in May is the painting competition I mentioned a while back. Knowing how long it takes me to paint anything (when I’m not skipping corners to get to tabletop standard), I knew I had to start early.

I’ve more or less finalised my entries:

  • 40K Single: Leman Russ
  • 40K Vehicle: Imperial Fists Leviathan Dreadnought
  • Duel: Blood Bowl

If I can get them done in time, then I’ll also have a 40K Squad entry, and an Age of Sigmar Single, but I’m not committing to them until I’m sure I can complete them.

I’ll have posts on each of these entries when they’re ready, but for now, if you want to follow along you can see the work in progress shots on my Instagram.

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